What are these fish?


This was from a test dive in a Salt water Fjord in Newfoundland. The water was very clear and we had a great time. The fish are amazing, but I can’t work out what they are. I don’t have an Atlantic Canada fish guidebook, so I have just tried to look online - with no success.

Norris Cove Dive - Newfoundland

Any ideas?



Cracks me up that the fish think the ROV is so cute that they can go and nuzzle it :wink:


I think these are cunner. I’m using “Marine Life of the North Atlantic” by Andrew J. Martinez for the ID, which says that the juveniles have a black spot on their dorsal fin. Looks like Newfoundland is the northern edge of their range! Very cute that they’re so curious :smile:


You aint so tuff!


@mccullermi, thanks for looking them up! Great to know.