What are the ways to adjust buoyancy due to adding heavy payloads?


Let's say you had a 2.5kg payload attached to the ROV, what are the recommend ways to add buoyancy?

The only thing that comes to my mind that I've seen on commercial ROV's are hard plastic looking balls/floats.



It depends on the depth. For shallow depths, ping pong balls will work (there's a space for them between the electronics housing and the motors.

For deeper depths, you'll need something that doesn't compress under pressure, like glass microspheres. You can search for microspheres on Amazon or eBay and find a product that, when mixed with epoxy, can withstand great pressure.


Something else that comes to mind would be some nylon or PVC tube with a hard end cap (like some spare tube from the battery). Not sure how much you actually need to comensate 2.5kg, Make sure you check the actual weight in water (aka displaced water according to Archimedes)




Has anyone else worked on simple ways to add buoyancy? I am also adding a heavy payload to the OpenROV.

My thought (and next steps) are to install two PVC tubes. One I will completely seal to have a constant amount of buoyancy. The second I’ll have a valve that I can bleed air/water to fine tune the buoyancy requirements.

Both of these tubes I’ll mount to the Maker Beam system to give me front/aft adjustability.