What are the alternatives for home plug adapters


why are we using home plug adapter to establish the communication system? are there any alternatives?



Here are several reasons why they are using the components from the HomePlug adapter:

  • Relatively inexpensive for the required performance

  • At least 80 Mbps Ethernet over a twisted pair

  • 300 m+ tether length capability (published capability of 2000 m)

  • Indicator LEDs for power, link, and data

When you can find a bidirectional twisted pair wire communication package that has the same or better performance for less money I am sure OpenROV would be glad to hear about it. Though you can buy the individual chips from here, but then you would still have to design and manufacture a circuit board to hold the chip.




Totally agree with your assessment and here is also a nice thread about the history with OpenROV/Homeplug

But still was anyone testing this with a packet-sniffer like Wire-shark for both IEEE 1901 / h.264 ?

Regards Gottfried


this was helpful , thank you !