West Systems Epoxy - Anyone?


Hello fellow builders,

The Devcon Flow-Mix 2 Ton epoxy is not available in Canada. While I am planning a trip to the US soon and could source there, I had in mind instead to use West Systems Epoxy. (105 Resin/206 Slow hardener)

I am a big fan of the West System epoxy though I have no idea of the physical properties on the Devcon stuff to know if this will work well. Is the Devcon particularly thin to make for easier/better potting? Has anyone successfully used the West System products down to the rated 100M depth?

Please offer any comments on this or otherwise "Made In Canada" solutions.



Hi Charles,

I'm currently building my OpenROV and really struggled to find flowmix epoxy (In Italy). My workaround was to buy a suitable two-part epoxy and a pack of ten 5 ml syringes (the syringes were €1.59 for a pack of ten). You can then pur the epoxy into a syringe, mix it with a toothpick, and then inject it as per a flowmix epoxy.

I hope this helps - I'm about to post this on a thread to help others (while the epoxy sets...) :-)




I used West Systems when building my ROV and have not seen any issues so far. I haven’t taken it down to 100M either.
For me the West Systems was easier to use and I’m very familiar with the product so I felt more comfortable with it.


Thanks for the feedback guys.

I think I finally have my motor issue sorted out (was a defective ESC) and am getting close to the potting stage. West Systems it is !