Weld-on like glue in europe


It is virtually impossible to get hold of weld-on glue in europe! but I found this glue here:


it contains: Dichloromethane (Methylene Chloride).

as far as I can read,should it work just as weld-on :-)
Are there any of you (probably in the U.S.) just could see if it contains the same substance.??


Looks like the same main ingredient.


I got the glue and it is really good ...!
just as Weld-on, it's good stuff.
It can be purchased here:

http://www.jacksonsmodels.co.uk/ema-plastic-weld-suitable-for-most- ...

But it can also be purchased under the other name: Dichloromethane
by the liter on Ebay:




Quote from website: "Due to Royal Mail Restrictions this item cannot be exported."

and "*Sorry we are unable to ship this item overseas."

The E.M.A. themselves are also unable to ship outside the UK


I´ll go for Ebay....



Hi Thomas

Have you looked at this? (Can see you are Danish so ;) )



There is a company in Ireland selling it, Action Adhesives in Co.Monaghan,maybe they will export it to you?


Got it!

Model Hobbies, Stoke on Trent ... no problems shipping to Sweden.....

Tried it on the first item (ROV-handle and horizontal shroud support) and it works fabulously!