Weird sea creature captured by ROV video


Anytime "ROV" pops up on my twitter stream, it catches my eye. This one was regarding a weird sea creature that a working ROV had discovered. I also thought this was interesting to see how an ROV was being used in the field - for pipe inspections.

Here's the full video:


Wow… at first I didn’t believe it was a living sea creature.


Anyone want to take a guess on classifying this creature?


Sorry, I don't think it's a living sea creature. I think that it is a re-enforced plastic tarp. My best guess is that the weird movements are caused by the currents created by the oil platform positioning engines.


Dennis, I thought that, too, on the first pass. But when it comes back, later in the video, it seems very much like a living creature.


Yes David, there appears to be a central squid or jellyfish like body in the center. Also when they show a close up of the bulbous hood it appears to show a circulatory system - sort of a matrix of tissue.

Is there a biologist in the house?


My friend Shanee says that it seems to be a type of Jelly called Deepstaria (or Deepstaria Enigmatica). I want one as a pet!





That is one wierd jellyfish.