Web and SSH access to OpenROV, from everywhere



in the book "Makers at Work" Eric Stackpole talks about developing

"a way for people to control ROVs all around the world through the Internet".

Our project Yaler provides a simple way to enable Web and SSH access from everywhere, at a well known URL, even if the ROV (or rather, "the local network") is connected to the Web via 3G/4G mobile network.

E.g. the steps in https://yaler.net/beaglebone-ubuntu enable access to the BeagleBone ROV cockpit.

Check the live demo at http://tamberg-openrov.yaler.net/ (504 or empty page = offline).

What do you think, could this simplify existing use cases, or enable new ones?

Kind regards, tamberg


Hello Thomas,

That seems pretty cool. Do you have any idea on how to do a que system? If the relay could let one person connect at a time (say a few minutes of connection) that would be really cool.

I can see the relay as is being cool for letting one person connect to an rov dropped in the water by 2 scuba guys to bring a friend along for a dive. But what I'd really like is to have an externally powered rov that anyone can join and play with and not have 100 people with conflicting controls and bogging down the rovs internet connection. Maybe use livestream to rebroadcast to all the other users that want to watch.



Thanks! The relay service is really just a "dumb pipe" and publishing the cockpit URL is probably not a good idea in practice. I guess a token or queue system would have to be implemented as a part of the application / OpenROV Web server. Or - as you say - add a Web service front-end that broadcasts a "read only" version for spectators. But the current version might be good enough to let an expert pilot from afar take over for a while (assuming latency remains acceptable).

Kind regards, tamberg


I have recently looked into Yaler and found it to be a very interesting solution for enabling the BBB to be accessible via the web. For this to be a complete solution the ROV primary operator would need to be able to control who has access to the "Session". Do you have any suggestions for how Yaler could assist with this?


A (too simple?) solution could be to only hand out the public URL of your ROV to a single remote operator. Other solutions issue tokens that only work for a short time. A very nice example can be seen at http://sidigital.co/sid (based on Socket.io, which in principle also works via Yaler).