We Did Translated Korean!


We did it ! Translation Progress 70~80 %

We used v30.0.3 ROV in Cloud9 !

We want a deploy this to Korean Openrov User .

How can we upload or extraction ??


That is awesome. So here is the deal. I’ve been looking at translation and globalization libraries. I want to be able to add translations via the plugin architecture, so that you can simply download new or updated translations to your ROV.

So in general, our application would go ahead an initialize the translation library and then pass a reference through the dependencies object to each plugin when it starts. After the plugins have all loaded, the system would call the i8ln() method to translate all of the text strings already in HTML. If a plugin or code is dynamically adding text, it would need to explicitly call the translation through a specialized translate method that is part of the library such as t(“some text”).

I have been considering using http://i18next.com as the library. It seems to have all of the core features that we really need.

The library adds a new function “t()” that will do a lookup of any text that is passed in to it from a json resource file.

In order to add a new language, the plugin would probably announce the new translation and we would have a translation manager that would register the language with the translation plugin. The author would then register the language as a new plugin through bower.io just like the rest of our plugins.

Let me know what you think of the library. If someone is motivated to create a PR to add the library I’m happy to review, guide, and support the effort.