We came. We hacked. We won!


Everyone won, really. The International Space Apps Challenge was a great experience. Kudos to NASA and their Open Gov team, probably the only organization in the world that could mobilize such enthusiastic global participation.

We had a number of incredible people who decided to join our challenge and hack on OpenROV for the weekend. We were able to accomplish a LOT. The main projects of the weekend were:

  • Power Conditioning
  • Code Refactoring
  • Game Controller Integration
  • Water Sampling Mechanism
  • Vinyl Decal

You can learn more about what we did on the wrap-up presentation. Videos of the game controller integration and water sampling mechanism will be up shortly.

To put the icing on the cake, we actually won the Open Source Extensibility Award for the local San Francisco event, and have been selected as one of two teams to move on to the global competition. We'll have more information on that soon!

Thanks again to all who contributed and to the wonderful hosts and sponsors for organizing such a great event.


Awesome news, and congratuations!

Also, found out that there were divers exploring the cave last week (I don't know any of these people). http://www.unifiedteamdiving.com/video/cas-utd-hall-city-cave-project-northern-ca-april-2012