Ways to make leaks less likely on 2.8



We are having frequent issues with leaks in the main chamber of our 2.8, and considering epoxying the tube onto the endcap with the DB connector to reduce the number of leak-vulnerable points.

Is there a reason we shouldn’t do this?

Has anyone tried it?

Are there any other modifications we could make to reduce the risk of leaks?




Do you know why and where you get leaks?

If your leaks are related to end cap popping off, you have to heat up the tube before plugging the syringe. I let my rov run for a good half hour, sometimes more, until the tube is warm to touch from the outside. If you leave the syringe plugged while you heat it up and take it off every 5-10 min you’ll hear pressure escape every time you do it. Do this until you don’t hear any air coming out and you have reached the operational temp.



This helps a lot. I wonder if the heated air was expanding and causing the orings leaks we we’re also getting