Way to high shipping cost


Other shipping options?

The value of the kit is $35.10
Shipping is $45.32
on top I guess I will get custom charges…

I want to upgrade my 2,6 version, but this is way to expensive.

What about having a European ROV and part dealer/supplier?

best regards
Tom-Vidar Salangli


I have the same problem… i recently updated a v.2.6 with v2.8 parts and most of it we ended up either making or finding alternative suppliers… such as for motors, lights, electronics.

I can give you the suppliers depending on what your after.


Thanks for answer :slightly_smiling:
I would firstly upgrade the battery tubes… can you help me her?
I have polyfuses… and the connectors I can move over from the 2,6 tubes :slightly_smiling:


Have you tried contacting support and asking them very nicely if they can ship your order via USPS??? I had an IMU shipped to Australia with less than $7.00 postage this way. There is no tracking number and I was warned that some packages have gone missing using this method. But if you’re willing to take a risk it could be a lot cheaper.