Waterproofing DTS Motors - Bearing Must be Ceramic / Stainless Hybrid?



I’m looking to waterproof my DTS 700 motors per the openrov post here: http://openrov.dozuki.com/Guide/Waterproofing+2.6+thrusters+for+ocean+use+%28bearing+upgrade+and+motor+coating%29/57 and noticed that the bearings chosen are a “hybrid ceramic stainless steel” solution. I was hoping someone could confirm and explain why that’s important to have vs. buying just a double shielded stainless steel bearing at mcmaster-carr (here: https://www.mcmaster.com/#7804k125/=15waug1 )



These waterproofing instructions are for the brushless motors that came with the OROV 2.6 which may or may not be DTS-700 motors. Make sure you check the bearing outer and inner diameters to make sure you get the right size replacement bearings for the DTS-700.


Got it. I’ll double check. What about buying only stainless steel vs. this ceramic hybrid?


The DST-700 motors work surprisingly well in salt water, even with the original carbon steel bearings. As long as you give the vehicle a good fresh-water rinse after each dive, and hit the bearings with some WD-40 or other lube, you’ll do perfectly fine.

If you’re in a situation where you can’t rinse the vehicle after a saltwater dive, then upgrading the bearings would be appropriate.

The DST-700 motors are nice in that the front and rear bearings are the same size, unlike the earlier 2213 motors used in the 2.6 and earlier vehicles. Offhand I don’t know what size they are, since I’ve never felt the need to upgrade the bearings on any of my ROVs.

If you do upgrade your bearings, please post some pictures and information on how you did it, and what kind of results you achieved.



That’s very helpful. Yes - it appears I was reading about an older ROV build version. I think I’ll end up switching bearings out anyways. I’ll be sure to upload how that turns out with instructions. Thanks!