Waterproof Heatshrink


Benoit made a note on the forums this morning about using waterproof heatshrink instead of liquid electrical tape around the motor leads. He's right. We've been using the same technique at OpenROV HQ for the past several weeks and will be including waterproof heatshrink in all of the v2.5 kits.

What other tricks or workarounds are you using? Make sure to let us all know!


Any US suppliers for this?


On Amazon or even West Marine. Amazon is where we get it.


instead of teflon tape, just tried using a balloon.

I bought some 16" balloons (latex) which I am testing out for use with oil. And it occurred to me they might do a good job of filling in when the o-rings are not quite sealing.

I cut rings from the spout(?) of the balloon and slipped them around the endcaps. On the loose side (one side of my tube is slightly wider) I put 2 layers. I placed them in the tube overnight. In the morning there was actually a little bit of water inside (not enough to damage the electronics, but still, water) I took the o-rings off and noticed, on the double layered side, that the latex was not even. I cut new strips making sure they were wide enough (they narrow when stretched). I had also failed to add any grease (to the latex balloons) the first time and I added that as well. I haven't tested it again yet. I know that is a lame way to end this comment. I will post again once I have retested. :)

To be clear though, even the first test was better than I have been able to achieve with the teflon. My longest with out any humidity at all prior was 15 min. (clearly i had been doing something wrong)



That should have read "I placed the ROV in the tub" rather than 'I Placed them in the tube'



What I saw at West Marine was adhesive lined Heat shrink. Is that what you are using or is there more to water proof heatshrink?