Waterproof 360 degree 4K Camera 12MP


Great news everybody, I was in contact with PixPro & they have released the new SP360 4K camera & its WiFi just like the GoPro. I found a review on this site
It is already able to be mounted back to back to give full spherical viewing capability.
A sample of the 4K quality is here

& they have improved the software to make it a lot more user friendly & VR ready :slight_smile: Perfect

1st email response
Hello Mark,

Thank you for your interest in Kodak PIXPRO products! While we do not have any immediate plans to release a stand-alone 720 degree action camera. We will be releasing a SP360 4K model in the near future and will support dual-mounting 2 of them back to back for full spherical recording.

Thank you for contacting Kodak PIXPRO Support, and have a pleasant day!

2nd Email response

Dear Mark,

Thank you for your email.
As you requested, I will send you the link of our Japanese dealer website,
which you can find product information of SP3604K and also can buy all the
related stuff on line as well.

MASPRO Website

But if you do not live in Japan, I am sorry to inform you that our service
is only within domestic.
Please let us know your hometown and we will arrange our other sales stuff
to contact you as soon as we could.

Thank you again for your interest in our products. We look forward to
receiving your order in the near future.


Jimmy Fan - Sales & Marketing Division

JK Imaging Ltd.
E-mail: jimmyfan@jkimagingltd.com
Address: 8F Ikebukuro SIA Building,1-34-5 Higashiikebukuro,
Tokyo, 170-0013 Japan.

So I hope we have a Trident owner in Japan :slight_smile:


Best place to mount a GoPro?

Very eager to hear how you like the PixPro. Keep us posted on testing.


They has just released the US website with new toys added with great news about software being offered with camera. Also shows some great adapters for Drones & other attachments for full Spherical back to back mounting. This looks like a must fit for the Trident. I can’t wait :+1::grinning:



I went through documentation but I couldn’t find how far apart two back to back cameras could be and still get a full 360 stitched together. Let me know if you find out.

At any rate, even if you only got the 235 degree FOV on the front end and maybe angle it at 45 degrees down, it would be a nice back up to a GoPro for those users that like the VR. Really, how often do you look behind you when moving forward?


I had a chance this past weekend to attach an SP360 4K to the front of of my MSOC OpenROV and below is the result for everyone to review.

Although the video was recorded in 4K and I have the original, when it gets uploaded to Youtube, the resolution gets cut down to 1080p, which is why the quality looks so poor. We’ve tried running it through a few 360 apps, but can’t get 4K on Youtube, so if anyone has any ideas please pass them along. It would be a great video if I could get it into 4K.



That was very cool to watch- really tantalizing to think of where all this technology is headed. Do you have any photos of the vehicle with this configuration?



Hi Kevin, trying to increase the size of the video in a video editor. I recommend 4096x2048, youtube recognize this resolution as 4k

not forget to add the metadata for 360 videos https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6178631?hl=en-419


WOW @Kevin_K great video! That is so cool to watch. I have wanted to do this for so long and I am glad someone is starting to implement it!


Very cool. Are you using the stock housing?


@Eric_Stackpole Whoops, knew I forgot something this weekend! I didn’t get any photos of the ROV with the 360 cam on the front, but I simply swapped out my GoPro for the 360 cam. A note…the Kodak PIXPRO does not have the same mounting hinge as the GoPro. It has 3 flanges vice 2 on the GoPro housing, so I had to mount it upside down and the thumb screw wouldn’t tighten the whole way, so it kinda flopped around if I hit it too hard. Maybe they make a PIXPRO to GoPro Mount?
We still want to do more test, so I’ll get a picture of the configuration the next time I have the camera again (it was on loan from a friend)

@Sapiains Do you know of any other free video editors that will do spherical video? We had been using the one made for the camera. Here is the manual: http://kodakpixpro.com/docs/manuals/Kodak-SP360%204K%20PC%20software%20manual-EN_1.2.pdf

As a test, we also used that Google App to add the meta, but it still came out in 1080 and we couldn’t flip the video right side up.

@Brian_Grau Thanks! It was fun to try it and it was pretty impromptu. My friend has an Oculus and she’s going to see how it does on a headset. We still have plenty of R&D work to do with this.

@paul_unterweiser Yes, stock underwater housing. Worked great, but we were only down about 30ft.


Jammin’ man, great work!


Hi @Kevin_K
I’m on a FaceBook site with heaps of tips & tricks with 360 cameras. It also has a link to a person who sells 3D printed items for the camera & a GoPro adapter mount :grinning::+1:
Great additional site


@hunigraphics Thanks! I found the guy who makes the mount adapters: http://www.shapeways.com/shops/odznsodz

From reading the posts and comments, it seems the “no-YouTube-4K” is a known issue that will have to be worked on as the software develops. I have the raw video to replace it when the time comes.


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Will it work with iPhone 5SE ?


is there a way to get this to work thru USB not over wifi?