Water tank inspections


We inspect about 100 water tanks a year and are looking for a unit that can be carried in something like a backpack to the top of a structure as high as 200 feet and record the interior of the structure so the client does not have to drain the tank or put divers into drinking water. We have been flying rovs since 2000 with a complex and expensive unit that requires "factory" parts to repair. We travel to rural areas and it would be nice to have "off the shelf" parts and a unit that can be easily repaired in the field without a lot of hassle or a lot of expense. Indeed, it is a hassle when the factory service is SLOW and expensive when you have a very strict regulatory timeline in which the job must be accomplished and your ROV breaks. We think you have a great product that can meet our needs. We will be anxiously watching the developments. I have a few questions about this ROV:

With brushless thrusters, will there be enough power to carry the tether and the unit around obstacles such as pipes and cables that we often run into? We tested another unit from the UK that did not have enough power for this. It was a great unit but not enough thrust power. While it was very easy to work on, its price range was high also and because the factory was in the UK that would complicate shipping and receiving and parts repair issues.

Do you plan on utilizing a 110 connection for controlling the unit, or at least a longer battery life. When we have several tanks to do in one day we would eat up some battery life! Also, things like inverters do not work when we have so much tether out if we are on a tall tank. We currently operate off a generator and 110.

I am looking forward to watching the evolvement of this project!!!!!!

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I have been interested in this very thing Would you be willing to talk



I have experience using a crawling ROV to inspect ship hulls from the outside, measuring the paint, steel, cathodic potential, and shape. How do you navigate inside a swimming ROV tank, visual, inertial or what? What sensors do you use?