Water protection for JXD Controller?


Just got the Trident and JXD Controller, now I wonder about the possibilities to get the controller protected against at least spray and light splashes.
My goal is to operate from a canoe, it is reasonably stable but safe is safe.
I am thinking about just putting the controller in some clear plastic bag. Any suggestions?


Waiting for delivery of Trident, just finalising my control and display arrangements.
There is no doubt that whichever solution is chosen it will incur a substantial financial outlay. In view of the inevitable exposure to water it seems sensible to take precautions to protect this investment, particularly here in the UK where sudden precipitation is an additional hazard.
I have acquired a used pair of Cinemizer goggles, a low cost Android tablet and a wireless Tronsmart G02 controller at a total cost of c. £300.00. Previous experience with my OpenROV 2.8 highlighted the difficulty of trying to operate in strong daylight conditions (hence the goggles), while any presence of rain almost always halted proceedings. With this in mind I have sourced a windowed waterproof glove protector for the controller (I think would also be suitable for use with the JXD). The Cinemizer goggles are not waterproof either so I plan to use with a (cheap), readily available face shield. The tablet can be sufficiently remote to be stored under cover or within a suitable equipment box. That’s the plan, roll on the delivery!


if you’re electronically and/or mechanically inclined, you could remove the outer casing of your controller, tablet, etc and proceed to used a silicone conformal coating on all electrical components that do not move. adding dielectric grease to the ones that do move would be a second step.

it will only help from exposure. water vapor and salt spray always find a way in to be detrimental to electronics…


@c.causetout I have the JXD controller and have been in caves & mines where water is constantly dripping from above. My controller has gotten splashed and lightly wet from the experience, but so far I have had no issues with it at all.

The only thing I might do to better protect it is to make some kind of silicone plugs for the ports to put in the ports not in use. If they aren’t being used, no reason to leave an access point like that open for water to enter. I also have though of making some kind of protective sleeve to put it in. I haven’t thought much about how to make one yet, but I’ll toss the idea around my team and see if something bubbles up.


I been looking into some protection for the controller as well. I found it will fit into a 1 gal zip lock bag. I can still work the touch screen and use the sticks. This is the best I’ve come up with so far.