Water entering the tube


Hey, guys

I'v been stuck on the waterproofing for a while. Water enters the tube from the cap with wires. I even add a second O-ring to it, water still enter. Is there anyone have any suggestions about it? Thanks.


Hi Yehan,

Is water coming in from around the o-ring? It may be that the o-ring is not pushed up tightly enough against the tube. You can make the o-ring push more tightly by adding Teflon tape beneath it (see the photos here) or a thin rubber band can also be placed in the grove below the o-ring.

I also recommend using a lubricant of some kind to help the o-ring sit properly against the tube.

Please let us know if this fixes the problem, and feel free to send photos if that would help.

Best of luck!



Thanks for replying, Eric

I took your advise and added more Teflon tape to make it tight. Then I didn't see water leak into the tube from around the o-ring so far. I found water leak from the center of the endcap. Cause, I modified the design a little bit to use Raspbeery PI and arduino with 3D camera. Then i didn't glue the small blue cross piece on the endcap. This might be the main reason that I got water leaking inside. I used Epoxy to seal it and still need several test for it.


Okay- please let us know how it works... good luck!

Also, we'd love to see photos of your modification!



A simple way to quickly seal that epoxy is a thin layer of well place hot glue. I know this sounds not-permanent, but that’s the point. Hopefully if you can temporarily block the leak from the wire inlet, you will be able to determine if that’s your only leak. After that it’s just a blow drier to get the hot glue off and then you can epoxy. Warning: this can be messy, be prepared to take a minute to thoroughly remove the hot glue.