Water contamination to oil issues


During initial tests of my OpenROV in a washer machine (in the lack of a better option), I noticed spots of oil on the surface, probably due to the orings lube and silicone spray/wd40 for the motors.

I see that this is kind of unavoidable, but I was wondering how big of a problem it is when used in sensitive locations, like to inspect fish farms or touristic places. Has anyone had to address this problem? Is there a way to reduce this issue? Some alternative products, or some process I could do to prevent this?



As you guessed, the spots of oil are probably WD-40 from the motors. If you want to avoid that, just stop lubing the motors. If you’re diving in salt water, make sure you give the motors a very thorough soak in fresh water after every use. Without lube the bearings will slowly corrode, but that process takes a surprisingly long time (given that these are hobbyist motors). If the bearings finally get to the point where you’re not happy with them, then just change out the motors. They’re not very expensive.