Wanting to get started with ROV's, advice requested


Greetings OpenROV,
I recently discovered OpenROV and was immediately interested. I’m currently a student studying computer down in Oregon unfortunately where there is little to no water however. Soon I will be moving back up to the greater Seattle area and will have access to as much water as I could ever want.
I really am just looking for information on what I need to get started. I have a fairly good about of experience with computers as well as RC cars and this seems to fit the niche of exploration, creativity, and technology.
Please get back to me with anything you think could be helpful, and I hope to be under the water before too long.


Welcome to the community!

It depends on what you want to do. We sell the OpenROV v2.8 kit which is a fun build and gets you familiar with the skills needed to build an ROV. At the end of the build you also have an ROV that can explore down to 100m (328ft). This will be the fastest way into the water as it takes about a weekend to build.

If you want to build an ROV completely from scratch from a mechanical perspective but use our electronics and software, we sell our Dev kit for this purpose.

All of the files for the OpenROV v2.8 are open-source so you can access them all and change them to fit your need.


Thanks for the response,
I am definitely going to start with the 2.8 kit when the funds are there. Before I undergo buying, building and exploring with one i would really like to learn about how they work and just the basic operations of an ROV. Is there anything the OpenROV puts out that is helpful for beginners that do not own an ROV yet.
Sorry if this is a bit vauge,


Here are my recommendations on where to start for reference material:
The ROV Manual, Second Edition
Underwater Robotics : Science, Design and Fabrication

I have both of these in my library. The ROV Manual has an excellent overview and guide to conducting small ROV operations. The Underwater Robotics book is a bit more technical.


For a small overview of current projects you may also want to look at our Monthly Expedition Day Thread that summarizes a variety of different recent explorations with the OpenROV platform. For the OpenROV the only limit is your own imagination, (and your DIY skill :slightly_smiling:). The whole process of building and testing gives a nice and comprehensive start to underwater exploration, and you can continue into whatever direction you prefer! If you have more questions, we are happy to help.