Waiting on Kickstarter Approval


Quick update on the Kickstarter project. We're currently waiting for Kickstarter to approve the project, which they said should take a few days. We're very sorry for the delay on our commitment to publish it this week. It's out of our hands at this point.

On another note, we plan to offer a limited number of early bird discounts for the first people who back the project. We'll email this list as soon as it's up.

As always, let us know if you have any questions/suggestions!

david at openrov dot com.


I hope things are progressing well - I've been checking the kickstarter search page several times a day!


Funny you mention this. I've been doing the same. Was expecting to see it on Tuesday at the latest.


Believe me. I thought it would be quicker, too. Between the Amazon Payment Verification and then internal Kickstarter approval, it's been quite a process.

I'm optimistic it will get through today. I'll send out an email as soon as it's up.

We're so anxious to get this thing up. Thanks for checking in about it.

Either way, I think I should do a write up explaining the whole process, so no one else get's caught in this weird approval quagmire.


I'm having a problem something like this:
And it sounds like everyone else is too . . .

Good luck, David!



Aww, still nothing.

Oh wow, a desktop ballista. Backed.



Ok. It's up!!