Vuze (or other) 360/stereo 180 camera and Trident

I just got notice that the VuzeXR Dual Camera 360° & VR180 is available on pre-order for $439 which includes an underwater housing ($175 value). No pics seem to be available of this underwater housing, so it is unclear if it supports both the 360 and 180stereo configurations.

Wondering if anyone has experience with Vuze cameras, underwater housing quality etc.
Their other 360 camera with underwater housing is a LOT more expensive (like add a zero).

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@Jerry_Isdale - I haven’t used the Vuze camera yet, but it looks very interesting. I’ll be interested to see how it works out! Some time ago, I created an attachment for a Nikon KeyMission 360 camera and tried it out around a shipwreck in Lake Tahoe. I’ve attached an image of the setup, and you can watch a short video from that here.

One thing to note is that you’ll probably want to add some sort of flotation so the camera doesn’t pull the vehicle down.

Also, there was an interesting thread about using 360 cameras on Trident in general which you can find here. Looking forward to seeing how this progresses!

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I have trident and keymission360. How can I know how many foam needed that not affected the balance of trident?
Also, why is your keymission video is much better than mine, what setting do you make? Thanks a lot

Hey @neptune3877 - I’m not exactly sure what settings we used when we filmed the video I showed you, but I don’t think we adjusted the camera settings too much from how they are by default.

For getting the right amount of foam, you want to make it so that there is just enough so that the camera is neutrally buoyant on it’s own. I would suggest putting the camera at the bottom of a tub of water (without being attached to Trident yet) and attach foam to it until it just barely starts to float off the bottom . Once that’s been done, you can attach it to the mount you’ve made for it to fasten to Trident.

Looking forward to seeing how it turns out!


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A few thoughts on the 360 cameras and what I have learned. The Vuze you posted looks like it will be the best available consumer level camera available for our purposes.

Underwater 360 needs to be recorded in 5.7k for really good quality. 4K stretched out over 360 degrees just doesn’t produce sharp images underwater.

5.7k cameras run really hot in 5.7k mode and will automatically shut down if they get too hot. It helps to turn off WiFi in the camera and any other options that are not necessary. Put the camera in a tight case and it will build too much heat pretty quickly. It will be interesting to see the Vuze solution. I think this is why we don’t see any good options on the market now. Bluerobotics tried putting a small fan in a housing but I think they have abandoned the project.

5.7k videos are massive and take a long time to process, upload, and are not very easy to share. Just something to keep in mind and should improve as the tech does. The popular video hosting sites don’t support 360 5.7k yet.

Lights, if you have a 360 view you are going to want 360 lighting.

With all that in mind I think it can be done with the right enclosure and light attachment. The enclosure I put together works in 5.7k with my Garmin 360 Virb and a LED light. It’s big but holds a light, camera and a lot of air which makes it close to neutrally buoyant. The aluminum end cap probably helps with heat dissipation in the water. A more streamline enclosure could be done, I think, with two clear dome end caps attached to a narrrow aluminum body. The aluminum body could have fins on the outside like a radiator and a vent so you can close it up after warming it up. You will want an extension to get it away from the ROV which could also be aluminum, hollow, and act as a heat sink away from the camera.
That would also lower the center of buoyancy which may help the Trident dive with just the vertical thruster.

My plan with the Trident is to sandwich some floatation between the bottom of the Trident and some 1/4” HDPE via the mounting screws. Then, attach the housing I made to that. I tried hanging the enclosure directly from the Trident but it needs buoyancy at the corners to keep it stable.

Best viewed with the app or on the website.

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Here is the Blue robotics drop cam. Check out the enclosure.

Hi Jerry, I’m Raz from Humaneyes, creators of the Vuze VR cameras.
The bundle of Vuze XR Pre-Order includes a 360° Underwater case. We now have pictures of it on the website -
The VR180 (3D) Underwater case will be available in the next couple of months.

The Underwater housing for the Vuze and Vuze+ is for professionals who would like to dive deep and capture VR 3D 360 content.

Hope that answers your questions and BTW, the pre-order ends in 10 days


You have a depth rating on the housing yet? Any issues recording 5.7k in the housing?


Hi Joe,
The Vuze XR Underwater housing is planned to have 30 meters depth rating.

Yeah I saw this offer on Amazone, but I didn’t buy from there, I have trident and I bought it from Reecoupons, and its quite working well in underwater and good thing is, its not too much pricey, well there are many other underwater cameras are available on there, if you want something good than search there.