VR headset for FPV Trident Flying - On the Cheap and Hacky


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I’d like to share with you a quick, hacky trick to get the OpenROV trident cockpit to display split screen on your android phone.

If you’re like me, cheap, you find ways to make do with the tech you got. I have a $30 cheapo VR Headset for either iPhone or Android. Utopia 360. Comes with a cheap bluetooth controller. You don’t need this particular headset, I think most any would do, Google Cardboard and the like.

Your android should already be able to split screen, however, you need two instances of the OpenROV cockpit app running to have simultaneous video for the left and right side lenses in the VR Headset.

The hacky way to do this is to install AppCloner from the Google Play Store, and start an instance of OpenROV in the cloner and another standard. Hit the intents button on your phone, this is the multi window looking one on my galaxy. the upper right, select lock apps and you’ll notice the split screen button appear on the individual app windows. hit that, and select the app for the split screen you want.

Fire up the trident and connect to the kit with each app.

You did it. Split cockpit feed for you VR lenses to focus on.

Next post, I’ll let you know how to get the cheapo controller to work.

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ROVVR- Incorporating Virtual Reality Into Rov?

Some of you might be asking yourself, so what? Well, friends, the sun is bright. So your phone or tablet will be rough to use, even on the brightest setting. Though, I must admit, the controller that OpenROV is selling for the Trident is great. But, remember, I’m cheap, so instead of dishing out $400 and still deal with the sun, I’d rather spend $30 and have a screen in my face with little to no interference from our grand provider of all things, Sol.

(I’m gonna get a controller in the future though, anyway, cuz they are sweet) Moving on, I’m not having much luck with this shitty little bluetooth controller that comes with this headset, so might just pick up a better one tomorrow.

To all the trident beta cats, how are you set up from topside ROV stations? I’d like to get a survey going to see how all you are doing it.


The cheapo thumb controller wouldn’t cut the mustard. So I went out and got a proper evo vr games pad for 20 bucks. Works great. All in all, my hacky fpv with android phone cost about 50 usd all said on done. You probably can find a good deal on Amazon for around 40 ish for a header and proper game pad. But all in all, mission successful. The appcloner instance can crash out but it seems stable enough.

We will be testing it out this week and will post updates.


Super quick vid, using the Trident no less, with the Utopia 360 and phone with split screen OpenROV cockpit apps


Ahhhh…this is the thread i have been waiting for!

Am on Beta program and been feeding back. Have two control setups so far.

One is a cheapo bluetooth “XBox” type controller hooked up to an old Moto G.

The other, main one is a bigger bluetooth controller that clamps around a Lenovo 7 inch tablet.

Hooking up the controllers no prob. Pair them and it recognised the cockpit app as an android game. Various buttons on the controllers all mapped to functions in the cockpit app out of the box.

Am going to try and get things running with the Moto G in a cardboard compatible headset today. Being in sunny western australia the glare off the screen has been my biggest prob learning to drive.


Tried the phone route in cardboard compatible goggles as upthread. Worked, to some extent.

Bluetooth controller no prob. :slight_smile:

I found that with the screen split this way the display was compressed to the point where i could get the depth display, some of the compass display, but not the tilt display. Also the motor speed indicator not visible, but the headlight icon (that is well over to the right of the display was there.

So, usable to be sure to be sure, but not really what i’m after.

Anyhow, have bitten the bullet and ordered a stand alone Android driven VR headset with bluetooth and wireless that has a hdmi input. Hopefully get it delivered next week.

Being Android i’m hoping that i can run the cockpit app in that, and bluetooth my cheapo controller to it as a simple, integrated solution. Will also try out running the Trident from the tablet i have and casting the screen to the vr headset.


Ha, awesome, yes by no means ideal. The app needs to be given the headset visualization for the lens to work properly for full screen viewing. What type of android vr set did you order and cost?


Which one did your order? I’ve been shopping for an hdmi headset for a month or so, but they’re just pricey enough that I’m hesitant to pull the trigger…


Here’s the one I’ve been looking at: https://www.amazon.com/TiYiViRi-Virtual-Reality-Resolution-Panorama/dp/B0797PT8MZ/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1522954813&sr=8-3&keywords=hdmi+vr+headset


Hi! this is the one i have ordered. Should get it next week.


So glad I found this thread. Just got my trident and have been researching an android driven headset like what you describe. Please post back to give feedback about how it works. Thanks!


Headplay HD
Nvidia shield k1
Nvidia shield controller (gen1)
Tablet mount holder on controller


I just bought an Avegant Glyph headset for my Trident and I think it’s great!
When out on a boat I don’t want a fully enclosed headset as that just wouldn’t be safe. With the Glyph you can just look above or below the “eye-bar”. You can look down to see the controller you’re using if you can’t find a button. I guess you loose the feeling of beeing inside the trident that you might get with a fully enclosed headset but to me it just doesn’t seem practical.
The percieved screen in front of your eyes is of good size in the Glyph (although not huge).
I picked up a very slightly used pair for 360$ and I can use them to watch videos from my phone when travelling as well (although you look like Geordi LaForge from Star Trek wearing them).


Looking forward to a review when you’ve tried them out…


Hi all. Just got them yesterday so steep learning curve.

Connects to the Trident on WiFi no prob. Am having problems connecting external bluetooth controller. OS these run is Nibiru. Am trying to sort update to latest version at the moment in between other things. :slight_smile:

Am a bit annoyed that every time i do a search for files or updates on Nibiru, most of the hits i get are about a dark planet about to crash into us and kill everybody. :frowning: Seriously…

Anyhow, not quite a working out of the box effort like i was hoping, but will get there.



hi all. Reporting back on my VR attempts. Sorry to take a while but life interveneing.

For the headset i bought, not good. Have sent it back to the supplier. :frowning:

Problem was this Nibiru OS. Headset came with an older version and could not update it. Bluetooth controller would not operate. Aslo, on the interface in the headset i could never find a way onto the full settings for android i’m used too.

Opencockpit app would run. But, headset itself kept going blank at random.

Anyway, am going to try out other options when i get the chance.

Lol! one funny issue was every time i searched for “Nibiru” for updates or info i got most hits about “planet Nibiru” and how its going to kill us all. :slight_smile: Some one who named this version of android didn’t think it through or is having a major lend of people. :slight_smile:



Cinemizer oled from Zeiss is perfect.

You can find it on ebay for less then 300 uS$.


If anyone has tried both the Avegant Glyph and the Cinemizer OLED, I’d love a comparison/review…


I want to use the Trident (on order) from a dinghy to explore around the Great Barrier Reef. I have some DJI Goggles, with a Type D (micro) HDMI input. I also have an ASUS Zenpad 8 [Z380M] with a micro USB slot.

I have found it hard to get details on the slots on the Topside Controller module. One discussion featured reference to a Mini HDMI output and a micro USB slot. (Is the HDMI slot mini or micro?)

Since I will be in the dinghy, the issue of remote Wifi connection is unimportant to me as I will have the Topside Controller beside me in the dinghy.

Should it be possible to link the three things together with wires: USB from Asus Zenpad to Topside Controller, and HDMI from the Topside Controller to the DJI Goggles?


Why would you need the zenpad if you have the controller?