Volunteer Build ROVs in Bali


Hey ROV’ers, I want to share an awesome opportunity with you.

Our friend and fellow explorer, Kachina, is planning a trip to Bali to monitor reef activity. Please read more below:

Introducing Maker Corps

Help preserve the oceans by joining us in Bali!

October 12-19, 2015

The issue: The oceans cover over 70% of the earth’s surface and there is so much that we have yet to discover about them. Coral reefs are a critical biodiversity hotspot as they are home to over 25% of all known marine fish species, and yet they are dying. We have already lost 27% of the world’s coralreefs. If present rates of destruction continue, 60-90% of the world’s coral reefs will be destroyed over the next 30 years.

What we’re doing about it: Maker Corps organizes maker voyages to educate, design, and distribute proven technologies to address social and environmental problems. Our initial focus is on marine conservation.

How you can get involved: Join us on our Maiden Maker Voyage to Permutean Bay in Bali. On this Maker Corps voyage you can expect to:

  • Spend a week in Bali and stay at the beautiful Taman Sari Resort.
  • Learn about the issues round coral reef preservation from locals.
  • Learn about current research and technology targeting the problem.
  • Get hands-on experience building underwater OpenROVs Learn to 3D scan coral reefs yourself.
  • Learn about biorock technology to create artificial coral reefs.
  • Contribute to the ongoing design and collaboration to create a citizen scientist research tool for coral conservation … and design it for VR.

Will you join us? Go here to apply to join Maker Corps: Bali October 12-19, 2015. We will follow up with a phone call and offer more in depth information about travel and financing your voyage.

Contact kachina@makercorps.org for more details about the technical elements of the program.

Partnerships: Maker Corps has partnered with the following teams,

The Hydrous developed technology to 3D scan underwater and uses advanced cameras and Autodesk software to capture coral reefs in extreme detail.

OpenROV has brought to market a low cost DIY drone to empower marine enthusiasts to explore the oceans on their own. View the extensive list of projects started by OpenROV owners at OpenExplorer.com for inspiration.

Biorock Bali has worked for years in Pemuteran Bali to restore the reefs destroyed by unsustainable fishing techniques. Using biorock techniques they were able to encourage coral growth and they now maintain the largest number of artificial reefs in the world. Watch this video to see the impact of their work.

Questions? Email hello@makercorps.org or visit www.makercorps.org


Looks pretty amazing, and I hope the trip goes well! Would love to join but that’s right in the middle of my busiest work schedule!


I know! I’m super bummed I can’t join either. I think Nima from OpenROV HQ will be there.