Virtual Reality with OpenROV 2.8



Hello, OpenROV community.
I am doing a research for my capstone project and I was hoping that maybe some here will be able to help me.
I want to install a 360 camera on the OpenROV 2.8 that I have and connect it to a VR headset, that is the first challenge.
The second challenge is to program them in a way to be able to control the underwater bot with the VR headset alone, not with a controller anymore.

I have seen the post about the VR, the problem there is that it is not 360 degrees. I want 360 degrees, I have some idea as to how to approach it.
I just don’t know how to connect the 360 camera(s) to my laptop at least, through the long tether.


I have a second idea.
I have NeuroSky headset, which is a headset that reads brainwaves, it is connected to any Bluetooth device.
Is it possible to connect it to my laptop and then control the ROV from that headset? I am sorry I ask too much but there are not many people knowing about the workings of the OpenROVs. in this idea, we do not need the VR camera and headset.

Thanks to anyone who gives their input to this project.


Hey Mirko, really interesting ideas! Last year we attached some 360 cameras to airborne drones, flying low and dipping the camera below the water level - we used the 360 fly camera as it is water proof - but I’m sure that isn’t the biggest tech issue here. We had real trouble finding a mount for the camera so ended up using a lot of electrical tape.

How are you progressing with your challenge?