Video stored on Trident after next software update?


I’ve understood that the next Trident update will feature onboard video recording. Does anyone have any details on this, or links to more info? I get some compression artifacts when filming with the Trident, will quality improve? How much onboard storage is there?

On a related note, if anyone knows if it’s possible to tune any video compression parameters, it’d be interesting to know more.


I found more info in this thread on video transferred over WiFi vs video stored on the device.

So I’m looking forward to the next big update! But I can’t seem to find any info on how much storage the Trident has. Will video from my previous two dives (25 and 45 minutes) still be available in high quality, for example?


The info I have is that there is 32GB onboard storage. They are working with a new software where you can record to the onboard memory, but there is no official release date for this. There will probably be one software release first with out this posibility, with stability updates.