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Hi everybody,

I updated my OpenROV because I could not control the light. After this update I could control the lights but I had a full-size video. Is there a way for reducing the video-size to that size I need?

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Interesting. Short term you can change the /lib/config.js file and change the video setting back to SVGA instead of the 1080 resolution it is set at. We will need to tweak the CSS to autosize the video in the case of smaller displays.


I noticed that you are using Firefox try using Goggle Chrome.


Thank you, Brian and David. Tonight I will try again with Google Chrome.

If it doesn't work I need to try changing the config.js.

@ Brian: How can this change be done? I'm using Windows and I'm not experienced with Linux. Is there a way to change config over putty?


From the terminal session in putty:

sudo pico /opt/openrov/src/lib/config.js

The commands to save and close are on the bottom of the screen.

You can see the value as it was set to 'SVGA' before in the history:


Hello Brian,

it's working fine! Thank you!