Video Goggles adapter from a PC or laptop needed


Has anyone been successful porting video from the topside laptop to a set of video goggles? Could someone suggest an easy way to do this? What is currently being done? I have an older set of goggles but I am having trouble finding the correct adapter. In fact all my laptop has is an older serial port for video output, other than a standard HDMI.




I found this HDMI to AV adapter on Amazon. Is this what you’re looking for?

Video goggles sound like a good idea since screen glare can be a huge issue on a lot of laptops. I’m curious if the small HUD text will still be readable at NTSC or PAL resolutions.


Yes, I have ordered that exact adapter, hopefully that will do the trick. As far as the HUD display being readable on the goggles, I will let you know.


Okay, I just received and tested the video adapter. That works fine, it was 11.50 on ebay with free shipping. I will let you know how well the cockpit displays when that is all up and running.


I believe that what appears to be a serial port for video output is really a DB15 connector VGA port which should work fine with an older set of video goggles, but will probably require a VGA to Composite adapter.

The Digital Products Company is selling the fat shark base sd vga video glasses for $199.99 which is a savings of around $60. However, it remains to be seen as to how well the Cockpit characters are displayed with the goggles.