Video from the Sea of Cortez


Eric just posted another video from a dive in the Sea of Cortez. We posted it on OpenExplorer:

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Hi all
Looks like you had a good time. I couldn’t help noticing the wet suits. Is the water cold there. I’m off to Cabos this Sunday and am thinking I maybe should bring my shorty. Any good snorkelling spots you would recommend



We did plenty of swimming without wetsuits. Wetsuits just allow you to stay warmer on longer dives/swims.


Great footage some of the best captures to date that I have seen. Not sure what that hairy creature was in a blue bathing suite at the end of the video must be a new species :) I did notice the issue with the tether and I am going to try something that I came across in the hardware store used for weather sealing doors and windows. It looks like it is closed cell foam cord which is about 2 or 3 mils in Diameter and may be perfect to float or neutral buoyant the tether. If it works I will share the results and photo's.