Video from cockpit view


Is it possible to capture the video with the Cockpit view? E.g. when reviewing a video from the trident, I would like to know/see how deep the trident was at that moment (such as finding a nice new object under water).
I am using the Trident, with the JXD controller end OpenROV cockpit app.

Gr Hans


I used a screen recorder app with good results. The one I used was DU Recorder. It has several quality options, eventhough the video feed is 720, 1080 recording made it easier to read the cockpit details on the recording. Only drawback is it is a separate recording so doesn’t start/stop with the record button in the Cockpit. It can also record from the microphone if you want to record your voice during the dive.

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@alaskasurf : Thanks for the suggestion, i will look into that, however I would like to see that as option of the cockpit in one of the future releases


Many of us are asking for this.

See this thread: Anyway to get dive profile data?


Hi all,

We are currently working on a feature that will allow you to add an overlay to your recorded video in real time with information such as depth, temperature, date, time, and heading. This will hopefully be available later this month or early February. We are also looking at methods for bundling this telemetry data with the video data for use in other applications. We will announce more details once we are closer to release.


Hi @charlesdc thanks for the quick reply, looking forward to that release.


any updates on when this release will be out? We are currently using the trident to document the invasion of Lionfish in greek waters among other things, having the depth data for the videos would be crucial!

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