Video freezing that isn't fixed by switching to SVGA



Let me know if this should instead be a support request - My version 2.5 rover is nearly finished but it is suffering from consistent video freezing. I get something like 5 - 30 seconds of video but it always freezes before long. I have updated config.js to switch to SVGA. That seems to have given me more time before freezing but not much. My fps seems to be very low - like 1 - 4 frames per second. What sort of troubleshooting can I do to track down the issue?

Here are some data on my situation…

  • Rover version 2.5 Software version 30.0.2 , though hovering over “Cockpit” onscreen shows 30.0.0~163.0dec0ba
  • Pinging the rover gives me 100% return, something like 4ms
  • All three lights on the topside adapter are on, middle one flashes at maybe .25 seconds
  • BBB LEDs show proper cylon-like back and forth progression
  • config.js updated through putty, to set video_resolution: process.env.VIDEO_RESOLUTION || ‘SVGA’, followed by pushing the software to the arduino again and then rebooting the ROV. This increased the video life but still freezes. I confirmed that the update was saved by SSHing in after reboot and examining config.js
  • Sometimes video does not come up at all on rebooting ROV.
  • ROV Lights often flash while it is on
  • Cockpit shows green connection light, about 9.6V power, right after full recharge of batteries
  • About .5A being drawn
  • Motors work and lights/lasers obey keyboard commands
  • Clicking Depth Zero doesn’t help (My IMU is not yet working anyway)
  • Stopping/restarting the cockpit software doesn’t work to fix video - instead cockpit reappears with no video (black) and full HUD.
  • Video often freezes with a partial overexposed frame visible.
  • Same issues using three different laptops, with Chrome and Firefox
  • starting up the rover or restarting cockpit from the dashboard IN THE DARK seems to fix the freezing. But turning on the ROV lights and moving my hand in front of it will make it freeze again, as will turning on the room lights.


Hey Andrew,

Any chance you have another webcam around that you can try running on the beaglebone? Everything you have listed sounds like you should be fine, so it may be worth opening that support ticket in case there is a hardware problem.


i scrounged one from work, but i get no video at all through that one if I just plug it into the BBB and reboot. Maybe it needs a driver or something that I don’t have because it’s a different kind of camera. Maybe I’ll open the support ticket to be official about it.


Guess what, despite the ROV camera working on my laptop perfectly, it wasn’t! I got a new F100 camera from Amazon and the dang thing works great on the ROV. I even was able to put the resolution back to HD and got Screencastify working. Sorry for the red herring.
I have been trying to get this to work for a year ( first had intractable homeplug connectivity problems, then the video) and I am psyched to get in the water now!

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