Video freezes post startup on 2.8


I have a newly completed 2.8 that works fine except for the camera/video freezing within 30 seconds to two minutes of startup (it is the standard camera unit that came with the kit). Restarting the Cockpit from the Dashboard usually means no video at all. I have reloaded the software and re-flashed the Arduino, made sure the copy of Chrome is the current version and tried both a PC and a Mac. I have checked the ether net cables - swopped two around, and also the connection between the BBB and the Arduino. Turned of my WiFi and checked the batteries as well. All to no avail.

Any suggestions as to what i can do next?

many thanks for any helpful suggestion


I got the same problem, also reflashed/rebooted et al, no video/freezes.


Hi @achiffings and @Surferman:

If you are having problems with a stock OROV 2.8 and the stock (30.0.3, IIRC) software, I would drop support an e-mail at


I have the same issue and I believe it’s caused by the camera being unable to adjust to a fast changing lighting condition. Usually what you can do is if it locks up, power cycle the rov while it’s still underwater and try to dive it to where the light is less flashing. Also I’ve noticed that camera tilt can easily cause it as well. It would be really nice to see if we can solve it by changing camera settings or etc but so far I’ve not found anything that helps. For anyone trying to reproduce it’s easy to do if you have the rov in a dark room and flash the LEDs.