Video Export Trouble

Can you tell me how you export the files ? I want to export to my MacBook Pro. The JXD controller only lets me share via bluetooth or YouTube. Can i export to an SD card in the controller ? Thanks in advance for your help.
Tom Moynihan

@manuel @pinehurst2005

For the 1080p on the Trident, I let the Trident connect to my home LAN WiFi and use Filezilla on a Win10 laptop that’s also connected. Search for Filezilla in this forum for more info.

Or do you want to transfer the 1080p to a laptop in the field with no LAN?

For files on the Android device, I use the WiFi File Explorer Android app. Then connect to your Android device IP from a browser. I thought the JXD could install Android apps from the Play Store.

Thanks for your reply. I’ll try connecting the Trident to my home wifi. I’m not sure it will work since I’m trying to transfer the file to an Apple laptop.

interesting approach! Like the idea a lot!
Question though (Sorry not very handy when it comes to computers etc.) HOW do you connect the trident to a different network? I thought it makes its own network by default, was not aware of the option of changing that?

@pinehurst2005 There’s a Filezilla client for Mac OS X.

@manuel There’s two ways to connect to the Trident via WiFi :

  1. With the tether conneced, the Topside provides the WiFi Access Point (AP) that the Android device Cockpit app can connect to.

  2. Without the tether but with the charger plugged in or an INSULATED button magnet placed behind the tether connector, the Trident RPi WiFi will connect to the LAN WiFi.

The Trident RPi WiFi is setup in the Cockpit app with the tether connected.

The Trident WiFi connection information is in the Dashboard (Hamburger top left). Warning - if you tap DISCONNECT you’ll have to enter the WiFi PW / passphrase again with the Cockpit app with the tether connected.

Also, the first time you go to Maintenance -> Check for updates there will be a dialog to setup the Trident WiFi to connect to the internet.

This topic also addresses this :

I tried to connect the Trident RPi to the laptop WiFi Mobile Hotspot. It seemed to connect but I couldn’t figure out the Trident RPi IP.

Thanks Manuel. I’ll report back.

Managed to get the connections established also with remote and Trident with both connected to a home network.
What I couldn’t get done yet is to connect the Laptop directly (to copy videos straight off the trident…)
Any ideas?

If you had the Trident on you LAN with your laptop, that’s all you need. They should see each other and be able to download off the Trident directly to the laptop. It helps to set a static IP for the Trident RPi in you LAN router.

With the controller on the LAN, you should then be able to delete the Past Dives on the Trident without the tether using Cockpit -> Past Dives.

But if you want to download 1080p videos without a LAN using a laptop Mobile Hotspot try the following. I tried it on a Win10 laptop.

  1. Enable the laptop WiFi Mobile Hotspot.
  2. Connect the Android device WiFi to the topside WiFi ( TSAP ).
  3. From Cockpit -> Dashboard -> tap DISCONNECT (from LAN WiFi )
  4. Dashboard -> Long Press on your laptop Hotspot
  5. Enter Hotspot Password / passphrase
  6. Maintenance -> Trident Info - Note IPs :
    Network addresses : TSAP Trident RPi WiFi IP
  7. Use the Trident RPi WiFi IP in PuTTY or Filezilla as described previously to download the 1080p videos off the Trident. Use caution to not overwrite or delete Trident data. Out of caution, I use the Cockpit -> Past Dives to delete the videos.
  8. To reconnect to the LAN WiFi :
    8a) Dashboard -> DISCONNECT
    8b) Long press the LAN WiFi -> Connect -> Enter PW
  9. For bench testing without the TSAP or charger :
    9a) Connect the Android device to the LAN WiFi
    9b) Use an insulated button magnet to turn on the Trident without the TSAP or charger.
    9c) The Trident RPi WiFi automatically connects to the LAN WiFi.

Since OpenROV hasn’t commented on this, they may have plans to remove this functionality in the future.

This is exactly what I want to do…
got the ROV and Laptop connected, installed Filezilla, tracked down the IP of the ROV but… (sorry) still can’t work it out. In quick connect no success… with various different connection versions I tried, no success… any ideas?

@manuel Bummer!

Can you ping your Trident RPi IP?

You said you tried various Quick Connect combinations but I don’t know what it’d be besides that. Ensure :
sftp:// before the IP.
UN and PW are case sensitive.
Port - try both blank and 22. I think it depends on if sftp:// preceeds the IP.

Maybe some FTP state gets messed up if the wrong combinations are tried? Maybe Ctl-D to Disconnect the session between tries?

To save the session connection in File -> Site Manager, use the Logon Type of ‘Normal’ to enter UN PW.

Good luck!

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the sftp:// did the trick!
Thank you for that!
You just made my day! That will safe me a few hours of copying data every week! THANKS A LOT!
we are currently recording a good 2 hours of HD Video on a daily basis and copying it to the tablet, on to the SD Card and then the computer was a rather long process… this is much easier!

I appreciate all the advice being given to me. I am fairly tech oriented, but I was hoping there was a simple method to share videos there than Facebook and Bluetooth which are the only choices I see when I open the hamburger place on the video section of the app. Thanks,

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While I am not tech oriented I like finding solutions (even though they might not be the smartest at times)
Depending on how you want to share or where there are a couple of options…
I even managed to run a live facebook stream from a screen recording off the tablet while driving with the remote…
That being said, the best option to upload or share anywhere else so far seems to be connecting your laptop via FileZilla and then upload to whatever might the platform of your desire…

I downloaded FileZilla but that seems quite complicated. I’m not sure how to get the video from the Singularity controller to FileZilla.

Oh, from the controller to the computer you can simply plug it into your computer and copy via cable.
the HD videos are trapped on the ROV itself though and not on the controller, @webhoppery has given some nice instructions in this thread just above on how to connect step by step and that worked like a charm!

Hi again Manuel
Can you tell me what type of cable you are referring to in you message. I have a pair of Glyph goggles that I connect to the HDMI port on the Singularity controller and it works beautifully. Would the cable you refer to connect at the HDMI port ? If so is it a USB at the other end ? Thanks again for your patience.

Since Manuel seems to be traveling - just use the USB cable you charge the controller with. Look for the Trident directory in the computer’s file explorer.

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Where do I connect the cable ends ?

The Trident Manual.pdf ( 1/28/19 ) will explain it better than me :

Pg 18 for the “Micro USB charging port”
Pg 30 for “Export video via a computer connection”.

Someone else will have to comment on Macbook Pro Thunderbolt to USB compatibility.

Same procedure, I connect a USB-C to USB adapter to the MacBook Pro that again is connected to the charging port of the remote and I use that to get videos off the remote controller.