Video Ethernet not working



Hi i'm Environmental Engineering student.
Our project is about an "Investigation Submarine" based in Openrov.

So i come to this forum to get help with a problem, it's about the video streaming, and the problem is that we can't get it to work via ethernet.
Nevertheless it works by usb .

Any kind of clue will be appreciated.

Greetings From Chile.


Can you give us a better description of the problem? Make sure you include the rov model that you have and the software release that you're using.



Sorry for the delay.

Ok so this is the bill of materials for our project:

- Genius WideCam F100
- BeagleBone Black
- Hub
- Ethernet cable
- 5V PSU
- USB cable (for testing purpouse)
- Micro-sd with cockpit (version: 2.5-29)

Here are some diagrams:

If you can notice we are using a hub, i don't know if that has something to do with the problem, just mentioning.

Thanks for the reply and let me know if i missed something.


You say you have a problem with video streaming. Do you see the OpenROV cockpit on your PC, but with no video feed, or are you not getting the cockpit at all?


Yeah, when we took out the usb cable on the screen there was only the cockpit but with no video feed at all.