Video Capture Software?


The manual suggests two options, VLC and Screencastify. I was attempting to try them both out for ease of use but there is a bug in VLC 2.2.4 right now (crashes on desktop stream) so that put a damper on that test.

Has anyone tried both and found one “better” than another when considering features and ease of use? Or if there is some other package out there.


Hi there, I have been using screencastify now for over a year, and think it’s pretty nice. The thing I like best is the posibility to grab only one tab, this is pretty good since I almost always have a few tabs open. Also, it features the posibility to automatically upload your video to youtube, which is handy.

I use the free version, which has its limitations, mainly:

  • Screencastify logo in the upper corner
  • Files are webm format, which may not be possible to use in all video editing software (does not work with my Premiere 5)
  • A 10 minutes limit on the recording time.

So, the 20$ might be worth it. At the end of the day, its super easy to install (lives as a plugin in your chrome) and to use.

If you’re on a mac you can always use Quicktime, but that will record your full screen. There might be a few other options out there, but trust me, Screencastify is gold.


Ive never had any joy with the VLC method, I’ve been using Quicktime Player… had great experience so far, for the video data i find this is the best option for me anyway.


Thanks for the feedback Teaguey.

I take it that is QuickTime PRO not the basic QuickTime (Windows 10)… or am I missing something?

I’m on Windows rather than Mac at this stage, -it may be the case on Mac that QuickTime comes as “PRO”, on Windows you only get the basic unless you upgrade/register…
It seems that there are “free” upgrades to PRO even for Windows, but I’m a wee bit leary when upgrades are free, as support may be minimal.

At this stage it does sound like Screencastify is worth a try. Mainly for its simplicity and when I do want to do need a bit more 20 bucks won’t break the bank.



Oh ya, now that’s what I’m talking about! Screencastify is just a Chrome extension, so virtually no install, so easy to use it’s almost a crime. And desktop or just a tab recording.
Double that gold medal.

One more thing off my list preparing for my Trident delivery.



Quite possibly, i am currently using my macbook pro but another thing you can try is using VLC to record your screen this gives the instructions, probably the screencastify is better and $20 is not too much but if you can do it free why not…


A while ago I did a fair amount of research into screen recording and came across ‘Open Broadcaster Software’. At the time I did not have much luck with it, however I just downloaded the latest release and within 5 min had it working perfectly. One benefit over screencastify is that it is entirely free and does not produce watermarks on the recordings.

Note, I am using Windows 10, although they have releases for Mac, Windows and Linux.


I would like to record my iPhone videos and games onto my computer at the same time. So that I can enjoy to watch them on big display. That is amazing! Also, if you want to know how to record your iPhone screen onto your PC or Mac, I will share my experience and solutions with you.


No special feeling for these two programs actually. However, don’t use QuickTime. From my own experience, it is terrible and cannot record my system audio directly. Afterwards, I use Joyoshare screen recorder for mac, which can well satisfy me, especially after comparison.


Screencastify is better. It can record smooth, HD screen and webcam videos with narration and more. Its only weakness is that it just works on Chrome. If you only want to record online video like Youtube, it is one of the best solutions. If you also want to record gameplay or desktop, you can use another.


The ‘best’ video capture software is one that works on your PC or system and produces nice footage with relatively small filesizes.

I cannot tell you what the best capture software is for your PC because I don’t know your PC. The best way to tell is to download a few pieces of software, configure them, and test em! Compare the framerate, any frame-drops, quality, and filesize. Also keep an eye on your computer’s performance.

A few to try are Action, DxTory, OBS, and Nvidia Shadowplay. Personally I like Shadowplay because it is very simple to use and works like a charm.