Vertical Thruster Friction Fix


Does your vertical thruster rub against the white thrust guard on top of your OpenROV?

If it does, there's an easy fix to shorten the shaft length. Read on!

You will need:
(1) Hammer...I prefer roofer's hammers (aka Claw Hammer) but a ball peen or smith's or even a tack hammer will suffice. For more information on hammers...please visit HERE.
(2) A vice or a table with a hole in it
(3) The tiny hex wrench that comes with your OpenROV. If you lost yours, it's a 1.5mm and can be found on McMaster.



Step 1
Remove the thrust guard from the top of the ROV and remove the motor bell from the stator.

Step 2
Using the 1.5mm hex wrench remove the set screw found at the top of the bell. This holds the shaft in place. Make sure to take the screw all the way out but don't lose it.

Step 3
Look in the hole where the set screw was. You will notice that the shaft has a notch to receive the screw. For the best results we want to make sure not to move the shaft so far into the bell that we miss the notch. It will still work if you can't.

Step 4
Place the motor bell flat on the top of the jaws of the vice. Don't tighten the vice so much that it puts pressure on the shaft, we want it to move freely when motivated with the hammer. If you don't have a vice, drill a hole in a table or piece of wood so that the shaft can sit in the hole and the bell can rest flat on the surface.

Step 5
Using the hammer, lightly encourage the shaft to slide down into the bell. I usually need to move it 1/8" or so at most. Some of the heat shrink and/or epoxy might resist but it is futile with enough encouragement. Be careful not to hit too hard or you may bend the shaft, and then you're really screwed.

Step 6
Re-fit the motor bell onto the motor and replace the thrust guard. Spin and see. Repeat steps 4 and 5 if needed.

Step 7
Re-insert the set screw.

Enjoy frictionless thrusting!



I had the same problem, I grinded off the lenght of the shaft and re- glued the propeller. You solution is easier.


Same problem, I warmed up with a heat gun the central part and pushed it out with a cylinder with a bit smaller diameter than the ring.


Wow, this is the best answer. Thanks!