Version 2.8 Announcement


It is my joy to announce to you the upcoming release of OpenROV version 2.8.

We plan to begin shipping 2.8 Kits in August, so don’t wait!

We focused on improving the build process to make it more enjoyable and straightforward, and making the ROV more reliable and usable in the field. It’s faster and easier to build but doesn’t take out any of the fun stuff. External lights for filming at night? Grabber arm for deep-sea recovery? Sampling device for catching plankton? It’s never been easier to build, hack, and explore with an underwater robot.
There are a number of improvements we’ve made that will make OpenROV 2.8 experience the best one yet. We’ve increased the thickness of the main acrylic tube, allowing it to resist implosion at a maximum recommended depth of 100m. Better endcap design and construction will mean fewer leaks and o-ring failures, while allowing for quick battery changes when your hands are wet, dirty, and/or cold. A broader and more balanced chassis will keep the OpenROV stable in more turbulent conditions. We’ve also connected the auxiliary wires directly to additional servo and PWM chanels, making it much easier to add things like external lights. Optimizations across all aspects of the version 2.8 have further increased the weight budget for modifications to 6oz. (170g) without the need for flotation.
Ultimately, we hope that the OpenROV 2.8 is the DIY underwater ROV of your dreams. We’re very, very eager to follow what you see and do with it on the forums and OpenExplorer!

Upgrades and changes from version 2.7:

  • Battery Tubes
  • Forward endcaps have been designed with twist-locks for easy battery changes in the field.
  • Battery tubes are held to the frame with tough and reliable “ranger bands.”
  • Polyfuses are now integrated into the battery tubes removing the need for separate adapters that can get lost or corroded.
  • Main Tube
  • The main tube wall has been increased in thickness to 4.5mm, giving the 2.8 a recommended maximum depth of 100m and reducing condensation by increasing thermal insulation.
  • The main tube o-rings now have a 1.5mm buffer from the edges of the tube making them less likely to push out under increasing internal pressure such as during an ascent or when the electronics become heated.
  • Main tube endcaps now have the DB-25 connector potted flush with the inside edge of the endcap which takes some guesswork out of the build process and keeps the electronics chassis fixed at 90 degrees.
  • Electronics
  • Controller board pre-wired with an additional servo channel an additional PWM channel which makes it easy to add external LED lights or servos for a grabber arm, plankton catcher, or mad-science device of your choice. Hackers and custom ROV builders rejoice!
  • LED light board is now a darker color which looks cooler and reduces reflective glare in dark environments.
  • Camera is now taken out of the housing and connected with a custom cable so that 1m of USB cable isn’t getting in the way of inserting the electronics chassis or moving the camera up and down with the servo.
  • Chassis
  • Wires are routed in such a way so that motors are easier to solder and less total wire is used.
  • Additional hard points have been added to keep wires tidy and out of the props.
  • Optimizations for balance and stability have been made to chassis which allows for 6oz (170g) of ballast to be removed for add-ons and payloads before flotation is needed to achieve neutral buoyancy.

Let’s share what’s down there with the world,
Zack and the OpenROV team.

PS- I’d like to take this opportunity to commit my feelings to writing regarding the core development team for version 2.8: JR, Nima, Thomas, Brian G., Margaret, Patrick and Carey the interns, Walt, and Brian A. Thank you for your tenacity, enthusiasm, and creativity; and for pouring your hearts into this. I’ve never been so humbled and amazed.

The Difference between versions
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will the new battery tubes be available for sale to owners of 2,7 kits?


Yes! We are working on a set of crossover parts that will allow owners of 2.7s to use the new battery endcap configuration. Many of the changes listed above are not easily backwards compatible. The new battery tubes for example, require a the 2.8 shell and ranger bands to hold them in place.

We are looking at releasing a set of instructions and SKUs for this in two weeks time.



is the 2.8 bill of materials already available? And lasercut files?


The BOM and the CAD files have not been posted yet. I am working on getting them all together and should have them up sometime next week.


This device looks incredible - but I am very interested in the camera capabilities. I am a beginner so I have A LOT to learn, but was curious to know how many mp the footage is and if there would be a possibility to add a Go Pro? I’ve seen others do it, but wanted to know if it is something that I can simply just attach to the ROV (I feel as though this would impact buoyancy) or would I need to compensate for the weight of the Go Pro as well? Thanks!


@craigpoconnell check out the post that @Walt_Holm did about mounting a GoPro. He talks about an easy way to bring the ROV back to neutrally buoyancy.

If you do a quick search on Youtube you can find video that people have posted from the ROV camera. Here is one that I made a few days ago.


@fberg The files have been posted. I forgot to respond to you on this thread when I posted them.

Happy Hacking!


Wow guys! Thanks for the quick reply! This is super exciting. I have a major project I would like to use this for and will be happy to share it with the community…if it works! If it fails…I may need more help! But thanks again!


Does the new 2.8 kit come with a set of batteries and charger already or is that an extra?


the basic kit is without batteries or chargers, however you could get the Adventure Kit which is great value for money.


is it possible to get kit in eu zone ?
import tax in here kills …


ask them to ship it declaring 200USD value


yea did that before ,but they want paypal bill
and paypal bill’s are joined with shipping too ,so …

only if they want to make 2 paypal bills ,one for 200 and rest … .


ask them to not put the invoice inside the package…
edit PayPal email to 200$ including shipping for service/repair and just say the item went out for repair and came back


When shipping internationally we have to include a commercial invoice. We have to follow all the rules in place for international commerce including properly declaring the products that we ship out.


Can you deliver ex works? meaning I arrange for a carrier to collect the parcel at your factory and take care of a pro forma invoice