Version 2.7 wire routing questions


I am working on building a version 2.7 unit and have gotten a bit stuck on Guide 4 steps 6 and 7:

In the 1st picture in step 6, the wiring harness is routed in the holes in the triangular shaped brackets that support the electronics tube. None of the other pictures show that, but it looks like that is the only way the harness can clear the electronics tube.

The 1st picture in step 7 is basically looking down and forward, so PORT should be on the left, yet the way the wires are set up green wires are to the left and red wires are to the right. It seems like the instructions from there on reverse PORT and STARBOARD. How should I wire my motors?

Thanks for any help given!



Hey Russ,

The reason the green (STARBOARD) wires are to the left in the photo is that the inner structure is upside-down. As you probably know, PORT (indicated by red) should be on the left when the ROV is oriented right side up if you are looking forward.

I hope this clears up your concern!



Ahh, got it! Thanks Eric.

(Pretty dumb on my part!!)



Haha- no problem! (I get stuck on that kind of stuff all the time!)