Version 2.6 CAD files?


Hi, I was wondering if there is are CAD files (Inventor files would be best) with dimensions for the new and improved v2.6 endcaps. I would like to use the wonderful design used in v2.6, but with a smaller diameter acrylic tube for a hybrid between OpenROV and my existing ROV. I reviewed the dxf files for v2.6, but the endcaps (I assume they are everything in orange) appear to actually be polygons, not circles, and therefore I cannot pull up dimensions. I know how to use Inventor very well, and I can easily export to AutoCAD to make new dxf files, which I will gladly upload for others, but I do not even have enough dimensions to scale the endcaps down.

Sorry if this was confusing, I can answer any questions that you have, and I hope that you can answer my questions. Thanks!


I know this is an old topic, but I wanted to provide my experience for anyone that might run into problems. I was using DraftSight to read the DXF file. DraftSight (and other CAD problems) have a REGEN command (google this) that will recalculate the commands into proper display data.

The file contains several layers. The endcaps live in the “3mm Endcaps” layer IIRC

My experience was that the DXF was accurately scaled, but exporting to SVG and opening in Inkscape (from which our laser cutter runs) caused horrible scale problems, so I included a 10mm square that helped me to scale everything appropriately once I got it in there.

hope that’s helpful


Thanks for sharing.

The inventor files for the 2.7 version of the ROV can be found here. The endcaps are similar between the two versions but not exactly the same. The circular pieces (the two ones on the inside of the tube) are the same. The outer three pieces have changed.

Let me know if you have any questions.