VAT on UK Imports?


I was a bit shocked this morning to get an invoice from FedEx for £140. for VAT. I suppose it is to be expected but I hadn’t seen any mention of anyone else having this. I always imagined that imports from the US would be zero rated for some reason. Quite an addition to the price.


Maybe it can help you:


You have to pay VAT and any applicable import duty.

There are some exceptions for items you buy and bring in as a “gift” or or for trade samples, but in general VAT is payable. It would give a fairly big advantage to overseas companies if it didn’t.



For me the invoice also came as a surprise. Even though i quickly found that you have to pay import tax on pretty much everything, i was not aware of this issue. Therefore, i have kindly ask OpenROV to add a note to the order webpage, so that future explorers are prepared.


Yes, it can catch you out. We’ve added a note stating customers outside the UK are responsible for any sales tax and duty. There is probably something in the OpenROV terms and conditions but maybe it should be more obvious.


Worthington Sharpe


Thanks all. I know it’s easy to find out about VAT, I was stupid not factoring it in, but I think it would definitely be a good idea to make it more clear on the website.


Thank you for the suggestions and we are sorry that it came as a surprise. We are working on a way to make it more clear for the future.