Vacuum Testing


The "Assembling and sealing up the OpenRov" assembly instruction includes "Optional but Recommended Step 4: Vacuum test the E-tube"

There is a link to a recommended vacuum tester but no instructions on vacuum testing.

My guess is that the vacuum tester is attached to the one of the vent ports, the pressure is lowered in the e-tube, and then the stability of the pressure reading is observed. Is that about right?

Any recommendations on the vacuum to attain or observation time?



That's exactly correct. There are no exact maximum leak rates or pressure differential values that we've come up with- we just kind of see "does this seem to be holding or not". Somewhat arbitrarily, I usually pull down to about -50kpa and if the needle holds generally still (I don't know- let's say not more then a few kpa/min) then that's usually good enough for me.

Keep in mind that if you use the suction cup looking adapter, you may also end up pulling air from between the endcap flange disks which could give you a false negative.

Hope that helps! I'll try to post photos or a video in the near future.