V2.6 First Power-Up Issues



Just completed the first power-up, observed the following,

- Topside Adaptor, Green-Power and Yellow-Ethernet on and solid, HomePlug Adpator not lighting. When I first connect power, Ethernet & HomePlug flash briefly.

- On the Cape, Green Power LED OK, and Orange LED(eth) solid

- No power to the Beaglebone, it powers up independently on USB

- On the Cape Homeplug, approx. 5v across the six-pins furthermost from the DB25, nothing measured across the six-pins beside the ethernet jack.

- If I hold both reset buttons down on the HomePlug units LED TPWR goes green solid for as long as the resets are pressed.

Any ideas ?

Any documentation on Cape v2.6 LED meaning ?





Some further testing, with the HomePlug removed from the Cape, I now have,

- PWR-Solid Green, D13-Solid RED, D49 Flashing RED

Suggestions welcome,





With HomePlug removed and Beaglebone in-place, Beaglebone powers up OK.

No power to ESC's ?

I am seeing approx. 6V across DB25 4/5 & 6/7, is this correct ?

I am using std. C cells for bench testing.




You need jumpers on J12 & J17 to apply power to the ESC's

using C Cells will not have enough current to run everything. you will need to be able to source at least 4amps C cells will not do it. try turning off two of the ESC's to get at least one to run.

the voltage at pins 4/5 & 6/7 I think should be +12V That is the way I have my rov setup but I am doing things a little differently that what you have. In any case take a measurement with a volt meter across the ESC to make sure you have +12V or find a test point for the +12V.



6V is not enough to reliably run the ROV. Before you fix this, it is pointless to worry about what else might or might not be wrong. You either need to get lithium batteries, or provide some sort of external power of at least 9V or so.

D13 solid and D49 flashing means that the Controller Board Arduino processor is running the self-test code that was loaded at the factory.

The ESCs are not powered up because you have not loaded the Arduino firmware yet. The Arduino firmware turns on the ESCs.



Dave & Walt,

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

I will focus on power, and let you know how I get on.



I just posted on another thread (http://openrov.com/forum/topics/topside-adapter), but I'm putting it here, too, because I thought my issue might be related:

I am building the 2.6 version, and, on my initial start up, I get the green power light on the Homeplug adapter, a steady yellow/orange ethernet light, and no middle light. I just tested the 3.3V and 5V connections per Walt's description and found good connections there; the board is pulling the right voltage. ALL the lights on the ROV are lit (two green PWR lights, one yellow ethernet light, one steady red on D13 and a flashing light on D49. The BBB is lit up and responsive with blue lights rapidly blinking, and with one green and one yellow light on either side of the ethernet port. When I direct connect the BBB to the computer, the computer recognizes it and pops up and "OpenROV Cockpit" window, which I can click on and view all the files.

Since the 3.3V test described on the other forum thread showed that it has supply, does this mean that it HAS to be a problem with the Tenda boards? If so, is there a way to test just a Tenda board itself? I don't have any additional items attached to the ROV; I am only working with a bare bones 2.6 version kit, so I don't think it's an issue with a depth sensor or compass (unless those things are already installed on the OpenROV and I didn't know it). After taking apart and inspecting the entire e-chassis a couple of times, I cannot see any visual shorts, but I'm happy to test for others if anyone can provide some guidance. I'm not an engineer, by the way, so the simplest possible instructions are incredibly helpful (like when you tell me where something is on the chassis versus naming it by its technical part number/name).