v2.6 assembly


I just received the ROV v2.6 and trying to assemble this ROV. The box did not come with instructions on which parts go together. I tried using the other assembly tutorials for the other versions but these parts are different shapes than the other versions. I am on a time crunch and have to assemble this in a timely manner. Are there any assembly videos or a step by step on the v2.6 ROV


Hey Misty,

Here is a link I just posted that shows how the 2.6 inner structure is put together. This video is a bit crude (we're working on a much cleaner tutorial that will be based on the flow of this one) but this should be enough to get you going. I apologize that we don't have something cleaner up already, but I hope we'll have that ready in the next week or so.

We made crude videos like this for the entire assembly which were going to be used for internal reference when constructing the tutorial, but just in case it can help, I'll also put them on YouTube for people in your situation who have the very the first kits that were sent out where the full instructions aren't ready yet.

In the mean time, you can also get a head start on a later part of the kit by building the E-Chassis and mounting electronics to it. That part is largely unchanged from the 2.5 version and constitutes a large part of the building time.

Once again, sorry for the delay in a cleaner instruction set. We're excited to see these ROVs come together, so please let us know if there is anything else we can do that would be helpful.



I also just posted a second video (which you can find here) showing how to assemble the Port and Starboard Endcaps. Just as for the 2.5 endcaps, remember that the two endcaps are mirror images of each other- that is, with the flat part of the outer disks pointing down, the holes on the completed endcaps are on opposite sides!

Also note that the inner syringe tube dimension can be cut to the same dimensions as in 2.5, and that the white "flange cover" piece, just as in 2.5, does not get attached until later.

Okay, that's all for now but I'll try to post more later.

Good luck with your build!



I am trying to set up building activities for 2-4 groups of high school students to continue building after we have completed the inner structure. I have downloaded the videos 1-6 and will be working on the presentation of that to students over the weekend. It looks as though making the end caps and E-Chassis come next.

I would be interested in how you organized this if you did it with students, or any tips you have for working from the videos.




trying to put together the end caps. I do not have the little piece that goes into the center of it all.


Hey Misty,
Missing the syringes? Send me an email to info@openrov.com and we'll figure it out.