V2.6 - 2 sets of light cubes


Hi everyone

I want to have 2 light cubes on my rov.
is it possible to have one cube to replace the lasers?
I am not using those anyway

-Tom-Vidar Salangli


So in the past we’ve been telling people not to put a pair of light cubes on any individual PWM channel of a Controller Board 2.6 or earlier. The PWM channels were designed for about 1 Amp maximum, and the programming resistors (R24-R35) are size 0603 to reflect this. A pair of light cubes draws about 1.5 amps.

This morning I reviewed the trace sizes used to carry power within the PWM circuitry, and I think you’ll be OK as long as you use a programming jumper that can handle the current. A stock 0603 0-ohm resistor is only rated for 1 amp, but if you use, say, a small chunk of 22-ga solid wire, I think you’ll be fine.

So I think in your case, what I would do is to solder a small piece of solid copper wire (22 gauge or so) across the pads of R32, which will bring battery voltage out on the PWM3 channel. Then wire the PWM3+ and PWM3- to the appropriate test pads just below the DB-25 connector. Note that on the 2.6 and earlier boards the traces between the test pads and the DB-25 pins are really marginal for driving two light cubes, and it would be good if you would beef them up with some additional wire.

You can, as you suggest, use PWM2 to drive a light cube, rather than the lasers. To do that you need to remove R28 and put a jumper into R29, and then run wires from PWM2+ and PWM2- to the appropriate test pads and external wiring.

Let us know how your mods go.