(V2.5) Servo working on D11 - Guide shows D9



I connected up the controlboard 2.5B(old tenda adapter version) and followed the dozuki guide for connecting the ESC's and servo.

According to the guide Step 68, the Servo should be connected to D9.

On D9 the servo does not work. but on D11 it works.

I'm not sure if its changed in the software build, or if the dozuki guide is wrong...

I'm running the image from 5.september but updated/changed to controlboard25 branch on github(according to guide: http://openrov.com/forum/topics/beta-of-the-controller-board-2-5-aware-cockpit-software-ready)


We are on D11 with the current version of the code. This was to isolate a timer so that we could get rid of stutter on the camera tilt servo (good find from Walt). Step 68 of the guide has the update in an un-verified version of the wiki... that needs to get merged in to the current most recent "verified" version. You can see it here: http://openrov.dozuki.com/Guide/edit/2/68


Ok, good catch from Walt!