v2.5 Battery Packs


As promised, I'm continuing to blog the myriad of updates that are coming in September with version 2.5 of the OpenROV Kit. Here are the new battery packs. The new design moves away from the nylon tubes, and uses PETG. The battery pack end caps are now laser-cut acrylic ends potted with epoxy (very similar to how the main tube end caps are sealed.) The remove-able end cap uses a small o-ring to hold the seal, and is kept from pushing out using a large o-ring that stretches along the length of the tube. We're still perfecting the design, but we think it's going to be a great improvement!


Looks very Good!

Can you post a Photo from the wire pass throug?

The Back side is glued in the tube?


Can you also post some dimensions for the tube please?


whats the wall thickness?