V2.4: Tether connector


Hi everyone,

according to Walt Holms "teardown of powerline adapter" and the pats I could find in the kit, I come to this solution (picture).

I this the way you wanted to connect the part?

If it is so, I'll write down a tutorial while soldering and gluing the parts.

1488-DSCN1473.JPG (3.32 MB) 1489-DSCN1474.JPG (3.01 MB)


That's pretty much correct. I usually built the box you have in photo DSCN1473 so that the other panel is attached to the walls first, then I drop in the components from the other side. This way, you can contain the USB-to-3.3v adapter between the face of the box and the inner bulkhead before putting the homeplug adapter in place.

We'll try to document how to do this in the next week or so as well (things have been a bit busy here) but if you get it figured out and want to document it yourself, that would be good too.

We're excited to see people starting to put these together!



Here it is: http://grosse-boelting.de/?page_id=71

I hope my english is not too bad...



This is great! Thank you for putting it together!

Also, we just made some videos of assembeling the Topside Adapter today. You can find them on our YouTube Channel here.

Thanks again!