Using Trident to find a WWII plane that went down in Puget Sound


We used a 3D program mapping the bottom of Puget Sound to find a WWII Piper plane that had gone down. We did find what looks like it could be the plane but it is right at and maybe a little deeper than 300 feet.
I would like to take the trident and see if we could get down that deep and was wondering what the maximum anyone has gone so far. We have only made it down to 240 feet with our dives…


I believe it is rated to 328 feet which is also the tether length. Do you have a GPS anchor or the ability to anchor right above it? You could splice in more tether.

I’ll be looking for a WWII plane in some alpine lakes next Summer. Share some video when you get it please. I know some people who would be stoked to see it.


I second what @boatsd said- would LOVE to see what you find! Trident is rated for 100m (328 ft), but it may be hard to get to that depth if there’s any current because the tether is that length and usually bends on the way down. Also, the ROV will have trouble delivering sufficient power to the topside if you were to find a way to extend the tether beyond 125m. There are some ways one may be able to work around this but they’re a bit complicated at the moment. Send me an email at and we may be able to help you find a good solution. Really excited to hear how this turns out!!!