Using the US battery chargers in the UK (plug problem)



Just starting to build my OROV and I have been wondering about the best way to charge batteries on the UK grid. Basically I see three options

1. Using this US multi adapter that feeds to a UK plug - reviews suggest it works quite well for using US appliances in the UK

2. Using separate travel adapters, one for each charger

3. Buying purpose built UK chargers

Does anyone have any recommendations as to the best (within reasonable cost) way to do this? I like option 1 but keen to find out what others think




Hi James:

I just looked on the back of one of the Trustfire battery chargers that I have, and it says that it works on both 110V/60Hz and 240V/50Hz. So I think you're OK just getting an adapter for the pins, such as #1 or #2.



Thanks Walt