Using the OpenROV electronics to convert a RC truck in to a land ROV


Hardshell labs posted this video of their conversion of an off the shelf RC vehicle in to an internet controlled land ROV prototype. Hopefully we can get them to post future updates here as well!
video by Hardshell Labs
Photos and vids of the hardware and software hacks to adapt an OpenROV controller system (including its software Cockpit) to an Axial rock crawler. We’re prototyping ‘Guardian Angel’ rovers for the highly endangered Desert tortoise. These rovers will be used in raven predation research and to scare ravens away from baby tortoises defenseless against them, and we also plan to use them in networked video games.

It has some stills shots in the beginning and then the video moves on to the fabrication and ultimately full integration in to the OpenROV cockpit for driving.

Bay Area Hack Day @ OpenROV May 30th 2015
Bay Area Hack Day @ OpenROV May 30th 2015