Using RTI Python Connector to Access Trident DDS Data

RTI Connext has released v1.0.0 of their RTI Connector with Python and JavaScript bindings for RTI Connext DDS v6.0. There is more documentation and I didn’t see any mention of charging for it! It’s another way to access the Trident DDS topic data and maybe the users’ payload data in the future.


That’s cool, but make sure you check out the licensing.

The Swift MacOS client was written instead with FastRTPS, which has a better license:

But I get the appeal of being able to start right away with Python. If anyone needs help with the DDS messaging to Trident, let me know.

@peter.naulls I reread the RTI Connext Connector for Python ( RTICpy) licensing and it throws a wrench into what I thought could be done.

But I also reread a RTI Customer-Snapshot article by charlesdc.

It stated “As an additional feature, because OpenROV customers have access to RTI Connector which supports the rapid development of DDS applications using scripting languages, such as Python, technically savvy users can quickly write their own plugins or tools for working with the vehicle.”

This is probably why I headed down the RTICpy direction.

Does anyone at Sofar have access to the RTICpy?

With the RTICpy, any Trident user is able to display, record or plot any Trident DDS Topic attribute just by changing cells in 3 columns of a spreadsheet. And if the user ever gets payload data into DDS, that data could also be displayed without changing any of the Python code unless they want to display IDL enum values or define the topic as a subsystem.

I would think Sofar would be curious or interested in making this available to Trident users since only a handful of Trident users have delved into DDS.

I’ll take you up on your offer of help with DDS messaging, if you already have any summary cheatsheets you could share. I have some on GDrive I’d like to update since things have changed since v1.5.2.


Unfortunately, I don’t have any documentation I can immediately share. You’ll understand this takes some preparation and so forth, but request noted. My best help right now is going to be to address specific questions about the DDS messaging.

I will note that the DDS setup in the Swift MacOS app was quite well done - at least from looking at the source; I haven’t tried to run the application.

We’re aware that using DDS is far from easy for everyone. We do use the DDS admin console a fair bit, and I can say that we are looking at different accessibility options. Sorry for being vague about that right now.

I have not personally tried RTICpy, but I’d be happy to hear anyone’s experience with it.